A survey is a multi-layered tool that reveals individual opinions, attitudes, needs, or current trends. FairControl can draw on extensive experience in implementing survey projects. For example, we conduct over 30,000 face-to-face interviews around the world every year. We choose the survey method that suits your research objectives and the target group of the survey.

Face-to-face survey (CAPI)

Online surveys (CAWI)

Telephone survey (CATI)

The internationally operating field department of FairControl currently comprises more than 1,100 interviewers, enabling FairControl to carry out face-to-face surveys around the world within a very short period of time.

Visitor count

We use visitor counts or frequency measurements to determine the absolute number of visitors to the trade fair stand and at the point of sale. The access zone, day and time as well as other indicators are recorded for each visitor counted. A visitor count provides a whole series of results..

Overall contacts

Relative reach

The total number of visitors who visit your trade fair stand or shop.

Degree of effectiveness of eye-catchers

The ascertainment of the impact of highlights and eye-catchers when addressing visitors.

Visitor routing

Identifying peak visitor numbers

Qualitative approaches

Not all the information that you wish to know about a research subject can be gathered using quantitative methods. Such information includes, for example, emotions or deeply anchored motivations, which people often do not even think about, but which are nevertheless the causes of quite specific opinions, attitudes or behavioural patterns. If your research goal requires precisely this kind of information to be disclosed, we make use of various qualitative research methods..

Our range of services for qualitative methods:
In-depth interviews
Group discussions
Method of thinking aloud
In-depth interviews

In-depth interviews do without any standardisation, i.e. any schema firmly prescribed by the questionnaire. The interviewer is thus freer and can enter into the interviewee’s world of personal experiences. This enables the analysis of deeply rooted motives, attitudes and emotional factors to take place.

Group discussions

In a group discussion, the object of opinion is discussed in an uninhibited and non-standardised way. Through the reciprocal stimulation of the participants, the procedure is particularly suitable for gathering new ideas and proposals. Moreover, a group discussion allows social opinion-building processes among the participants to be tracked and analysed very well.

Method of thinking aloud

This method is used by FairControl to investigate in particular routine everyday actions, e.g. at the point of sale. Usability tests, in which the user-friendliness of products or even shops is checked, constitute a further field of application. The test person expresses everything that goes through their mind when purchasing or using the product (associations, opinions, judgements, feelings), spontaneously and freely. This means they voice their thoughts out loud.

Application fields for qualitative methods

FairControl uses qualitative methods as an instrument for the in-depth analysis of individual motivations, for a qualitative exploration in the run-up to a quantitative study, if the object of study is still largely unexplored, and for the generation and verification of hypotheses, which can be backed up with the assistance of quantitative methods.

Contact capturing

The right data acquisition tool should be selected in line with the individual needs of the client. That is why we offer a wide range of tools, whose use we manage on our customers’ behalf. Thus, the selection of the data acquisition mode can be oriented to the needs of the trade fair presence and the stand staff – without having to forego the fast provision of the lead data.

Online forms

The FairControl online solution requires only an Internet browser. The functions range from a registration system for events to the systematic recording of leads.

Stationary solutions

Some situations require autonomous solutions with full lead recording functionality. Our software allows teams to capture data from paper sheets offline and on site.

Tablet app

The FairControl tablet app has an impressive number of indispensable functions: capturing of adress data trough photo of the business card and many other functions.

Smartphone app

The app that especially adapted for smartphones brings the most important functions of the tablet app to smaller devices: ultraportable, it can be stored on one’s own devices and is thus always at hand!

Classic paper-based data capturing

Electronic data capturing is not the best solution for every company. In certain scenarios, paper-based data acquisition is more efficient and effective. Classic paper-based data acquisition can be implemented just as quickly, completely and efficiently, given the right processes. We ensure the optimal processing of the paper sheets so that their data is already in your CRM and follow-up activities are already initialised within a few hours

Die FairControl lead app solution

Tablets and smartphones are a common tool at trade fairs and events. Many sales reps already make use of these devices in their everyday business activities anyway. The FairControl lead app pursues a consistently user-oriented approach, which, through its seamless integration into our many years of tried and tested back office processes, demonstrates its strengths, so that your sales staff can concentrate on the conversations. FairControl takes care of the rest.


Available for iOS and Android

Execution of compulsory questions

Data validation during input

Contact import by barcode scanner & search

Photo attachments

Subsequent data processing

The FairControl lead app separates the interview situation from the capture or processing situation by the user merely attaching a photo of the business card to the individually customisable questionnaire, which is then processed in the back office by the data collectors. This allows the employee conducting the interview to continue to focus on interacting with the customer. When the visitors are known – e.g. at a closed event or from an invitation file – the contact data can also be easily imported via a barcode scanner or a search function. The full functionality is also available without Internet connection.

Mystery research

Mystery research is a successful and established research approach that is used to objectively evaluate service quality. The goal is the systematic optimisation of the service and consulting standard and ultimately a boost in customer loyalty. We determine the current service and consulting quality for your company by means of covert tests to ensure that quality is objectively measured. Our goal is to optimise your company’s customer loyalty and to derive concrete recommendations for optimisation in the future.