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Sponsorship analysis

Well-devised sponsorship is more than just a pure presence tool to increase brand awareness. Addressing the consumer in an exciting and non-commercial environment can also give images a positive charge and create emotional bridges between brands and their target groups. Whether and to what extent this is successful is the subject of our sponsoring impact analysis.

Establishment of a defined brand personality

Gain insight regarding the extent to which your sponsorship commitment increases the popularity and personality of and support for your brand.

The appropriate sponsorship activity for your brand

Analyse whether the environment in which you present your brand actually suits your business.

Selection of strong forms of sponsoring

Check whether you are presenting your company with the appropriate concept and what potential for optimisation is open to you.

Analysis of the buying impulses created

Prove that you have a positive and measurable influence on the brand and company value.

Optimise your sponsorship investment.

Research questions

We can provide you with clarity on the success factors of your sponsorship investment.


Do people even notice your sponsorship event at all? How much do the target groups remember of your sponsorship event – spontaneous and prompted memories?

Target group affinity

How does your sponsorship resonate with the target group? Is it experienced as trustworthy? Does your sponsorship communication actually reach the target groups you are aiming for?

Image impact

Does your sponsoring achieve a change in the target group attitudes towards your brand? How strongly and in which image dimensions does your sponsorship affect brand perception?

Brand Linkage

Is brand linkage successful, i.e. is it possible to establish a long-term link between sponsorship and the brand?


Which of your sponsorship activities are noticed, which ones sink without a trace? How high is the level of sponsorship awareness compared to the other sponsors?

Sponsorship fitting

What kind of an image does your sponsoring activity convey? Does your sponsorship really match your brand?

Instruments and methods

We advise you with regard to selecting the right solutions for your individual case.

CASE STUDY: Sponsoring-Analyse in der Praxis

Case Study bald verfügbar

[us_testimonial author=”René Silberschmidt” company=”Senior Consultant”]Through sponsoring, brands can be staged in an exciting, stimulating environment. Sponsoring can make the brand tangible, create lasting memories and give the brand a credible emotional value. The FairControl sponsorship fitting tools provide you with an important decision-making tool for when you have to embed your brand in a suitable sponsoring environment.”[/us_testimonial]

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