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Professional lead management

The B2B business of companies that operate internationally is characterised by complex sales processes. High investment sums for products that are generally not self-explanatory require an intensive exchange of information that characterises the sales process. A strong leaning towards the information needs of the prospective customer in question and the individual framework conditions of a project are prerequisites for a successful contract conclusion.

Especially in the case of sales organisations structured on a regional or functional basis, it is absolutely imperative to document the important framework conditions and project-specific information of the prospective customer, which is gathered and exchanged as part of the marketing and sales activities, and must then be transferred to the CRM system as fast as possible.

The documentation of lead-relevant information in the CRM system not only makes a significant contribution to the generation of business and improves the strategic orientation of marketing and sales activities, it also serves as differentiated proof of the success of various activities.


The implementation of a lead management process independent of local resources as a strategic tool for management has a number of key objectives.

Increasing efficiency

The standardised documentation of sales talks and lead-qualifying information at all events allows uniform KPIs to be measured, thus enabling a detailed assessment of the various fairs and events to be made. Using the success figures of past events for benchmarking purposes serves as a sound decision-making base for the planning of future marketing and sales activities.

Increasing effectiveness

By introducing a fast and reliable workflow that is independent of local resources, a burden is taken off the shoulders of local marketing and sales teams. The rapid availability of lead information within just a few days after the event accelerates the flow of information and significantly increases the success of the follow-up activities.

Improved availability of information

Important lead-qualifying information and KPIs are available in the CRM system within just a few days after the event. The leads can be deliberately forwarded to your sales reps/partners, who can efficiently manage their contacts by rapidly accessing electronic lead information. Mapping the totality of leads in the system facilitates future turnover and sales forecasts.

Better lead quality

The standardised gathering of data and the tracking of performance indicators ensures that the lead information is of high quality, which allows a more targeted approach to the contacts to be made in the follow-up activities and also facilitates the better exploitation of the contacts for other marketing activities. Standardisation is also a prerequisite for calculating KPIs for the purposes of checking of and compliance with lead and process quality.

A structural weakness of many companies?

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Our range of services

You can outsource your entire lead management process to us, or you can optimise individual steps in cooperation with us.

Lead management consulting

What does the ideal, systematic lead management process in each individual situation actually look like? What capturing methods make sense? We can advise you on how to establish and optimise your lead management process.

Optimisation of lead documentation

What information is needed to qualify leads effectively? How do lead sheets have to be drawn up so that they offer the best usability? We can develop and optimise your lead documentation.

Provision of lead capturing tools

Paper, online forms, stationary solutions, tablets or smartphone apps – each solution has its individual strengths. We offer them all.

Digitisation and optimisation of the leads

We can digitise your paper-based leads in the shortest possible time. Digitally available leads are checked for completeness, formalities and duplicates and the data are normalised. Rule-based extensions (e.g. allocation to sales units) are also possible.

Processing for CRM import

We talk directly to your CRM administrators and convert the data so that you can import them straight into your CRM system without any further processing. If an external interface (API) is available, we also take on the task of importing the data straight into your system.

Distribution and follow-up

On request, we distribute leads straight to the people responsible and initiate the first follow-up activities with the interested parties (thanks/brochure mailings, feedback surveys).

Lead scoring models

We develop a lead-scoring model that is tailored to your needs, helping you to properly qualify leads and to distinguish between important contacts and less important ones.

Analysis and reports

We analyse your lead data live and provide you with important reports, so that you always know where you stand – during and after an event.

Professionalise your lead management

Instruments and methods

We advise you with regard to selecting the right solutions for your individual trade fair performance review.

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Paper vs. app based solutions

[us_testimonial author=”Marion Mayer” company=”Member of the Managemennt”]The documentation of lead-relevant information in the CRM system not only enables the strategic alignment of marketing and sales activities and makes a significant contribution to the generation of business, it also serves as differentiated proof of the success of various activities.[/us_testimonial]

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