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Controlling the success of trade fairs

As a person responsible for trade fairs, you are coming under increasing pressure. You have to stage a trade fair appearance, which not only lingers in people’s minds for a long time to come but which, at the same time, pays off, too. Making the success of trade fairs measurable has always been one of our specialist areas. We review how well you performed at a trade fair in a holistic way. We derive individual approaches based on visitor surveys, visitor censuses, path analyses and lead management analyses, and with their aid, you can systematically control and optimise your success at trade fairs.

Understanding target groups

Determine the interests, objectives and expectations of your visitors in order to optimise your presence at the fair.

Recognising potentials

Analyse your stand concept in detail and learn how to stand out from your competition in a positive way.

Optimising your impact

Maximize your ROI and discover ways to invest your budget even more efficiently.

Proving success

Show just how successful you are investing your money and secure budgets for future trade fair participation.

Success controlling of trade fairs:
annoying obligation, unpopular check or a chance to optimise?

Arguments for the person in charge of trade fairs to download.

Research questions

We adapt our approach with you to suit your individual trade fair objectives: to B-to-B or B-to-C trade fairs, at home or abroad, at major trade fairs or smaller specialist ones.

Competitor analysis

How is your trade fair presence perceived and assessed compared to that of the competitors? In which areas (products, advice, service, image) are your competitors better?

Visitor structure

How many visitor contacts were you able to make? To what extent did you manage to address first-time contacts or potential new customers? Did you get the target groups you were aiming for at your stand?

Message transfer

Which products, topics and messages can the stand visitors remember over a long time? How do the visitors to your stand assess your type of product presentation?

Image impact

To what extent does your fair appearance reflect your brand image? How good is your brand fit – does your trade fair concept actually suit your corporate image? What emotions does your exhibition presence arouse in the visitors to your stand?

Market impulses

How positively does the exhibition impact on the purchasing and investment readiness of your target group? Which products and solutions are of most interest to the visitors to your stand?

Return on investment

Is it worth your while to appear at a trade fair? What is the relationship between the sales impulses generated and the visitors’ buying interest?

Stand concept

How do the visitors to your stand judge your trade fair presence with regard to clarity, design, interaction opportunities etc.? What exactly do the visitors to your stand do? In what areas do they linger? What do they want to know more about??


How satisfied is your audience with the support and advice given on the stand? Do your personnel at the trade fair show enough initiative? How competent, friendly and customer-oriented is the staff perceived as?

Market insights

How do your lead users rate the new products? What chances do your innovations have on the market? Where do your customers see a need for improvement with regard to what you offer?

Interested in a live meeting?

Our experts will be pleased to lead you through the options offered by the trade fair performance review in a non-binding consultation. As a webinar or face to face.

Instruments and methods

Depending on your strategic objectives, different instruments and methods are used. We advise you on the best solution for your individual case.

[us_testimonial author=”Daniel Bissinger” company=”Director Business Development”]Our approaches help decision-makers to invest their budget efficiently and effectively, and to gain a competitive advantage. We would be pleased to advise you to translate your individual trade fair targets into measurable target values in order to back up the gut feeling of having had a good trade fair with facts and figures!”[/us_testimonial]

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