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Customer-specific market research

Companies must react to new challenges flexibly and quickly. Markets are in constant flux; new trends are constantly evolving. Benefit from our research expertise with regard to issues that do not fit into some existing pattern. Find out how we can help you with facts that are crucial for your decision making.

Customer surveys

No company can survive without customers. We help you to understand the status quo of your customer relationships better and identify drivers for customer loyalty.

Staff surveys

Only those who are fans of their own brand can achieve the maximum amount of success. We carry out staff surveys in all facets on your behalf.

Target group analyses

There are segments or target groups of very particular importance. We know how we can reach them to provide you with the necessary insights.

Product and scan tests

The launch of new products as well as introduction of adjustments to your standard range of goods and services is subject to special attention by senior management. We are your reliable partner for product and scan tests in a wide range of industries.

Brand and image analyses

The brand value is probably the most significant intangible asset for a company. We measure the impact that events have on brands and are experts when it comes to the topics of brand and image.

Market and competition analyses

Competition is healthy as long as it is not dangerous to companies. We carry out valuable market and competition analyses for you so that you can reinforce your positioning.

Exploit our expertise

[us_testimonial author=”Viola Marx” company=”Senior Consultant”]Mastering complex challenges and looking further than just the end of our own nose, that’s what motivates us. We attach great importance to implementation-oriented analyses and discuss them in person with the customer.[/us_testimonial]

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