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Event impact analysis

Events put companies centre stage and turn the firm into something that can be experienced at first hand. Events are an ideal platform for the target-group- and dialogue-oriented presentation of companies, brands and products. With an impact analysis that is tailored to your objectives, you will gain clarity about the impact of an event and can prove your success on the basis of actual facts. We advise you as to how to translate your event objectives into measurable indicators.

Understanding the experience

Immerse yourself in the emotions, motivations and experiences of your target group. Understand expectations, motivations and attitudes, and thus uncover untapped potential.

Optimising the impact

Analyse the effect that live communication has on your target audience, so that you can achieve the maximum output with the right input in the future, too.

Measuring strategy

Determine to what extent your measures support your corporate strategy in a positive way. Demonstrate the contribution you make to achieving the corporate objectives.

Proving success

Communicate your success internally on the basis of independent and objective analyses. Prove on a sound basis what your return on investment your measurements have achieved.

We examine the impact your events have for you.

The right solution for every event

The event landscape is as varied as the events held themselves. With our experience, we can give you targeted assistance with the most diverse kinds of events.

Typical research questions

The contents of the research are derived from strategic objectives. Together with you, we formulate your individual research questions, tailored to your measures.


How does the event resonate with visitors? What was the mood during the event like? How do the guests assess your event in detail? What potential for optimisation can still be exploited?


Does the event address the target group aimed for in terms of content and themes? Does the actual visitor structure match the targeted audience? How effective was the advance communication?

Content & Knowledge

What messages were anchored in people’s memory, and which weren’t? Were the products, messages or programmes on show actually understood? Was it possible to convey knowledge in an effective way?

Learning & Development

What learning effect does the event want to achieve with regard to the target group? And how long does it last? Does it actually change people’s daily practices? Does the event lead to the further development of the target group?

Brand & Image Impact

Which “brand world of emotion” is conveyed by the event? Is it possible to “charge” the brand with positive emotions? How and in which dimensions does your event have a positive impact on brand awareness?

Market drivers

Is the event able to arouse interest in certain products or solutions? Does it have a positive impact on customer loyalty or buying interest? What is the sales potential generated?

Instruments and methods

We advise you with regard to selecting the right solutions for your individual event performance analysis.

CASE STUDY: Wirkungsanalyse eines Events in der Praxis

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[us_testimonial author=”Daniel Bissinger” company=”Director Business Development”]We provide you with clarity regarding the success factors of your event marketing. Depending on the strategic objectives, we determine, together with you, the key influencing factors and measured values. A broad repertoire of methods and instruments helps us to gain comprehensive data and ensure objective results.[/us_testimonial]

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