FairControl benchmarking as a method of performance comparison.
Benchmarking is a recognised method for evaluating the efficiency of processes and concepts in a meaningful manner. Benchmarking makes it possible to analyse key performance indicators in comparison to the competition, to identify optimisation potentials, and to show suitable best practices for their implementation.

Comprehensive benchmark database.
All the key results of our studies are recorded in a computer-assisted database. Thanks to our many years of project experience and the use of standardised instruments, we have built up extensive databases.

With a total of over 200,000 data sets, our database comprises several hundred trade fairs and events from a variety of industries.

Advantages of the FairControl benchmarks.
FairControl benchmarks allow you to analyse your results with more precision. In particular, our benchmarks enable you

  • to identify the concrete strengths and weaknesses of your trade fair or event concept (e.g. regarding stand design, meeting expectations, consulting quality)
  • to optimise your event concept in a way that is founded on actual data
  • to analyse the impact of your trade fair/event on an industry-wide and cross-sectoral basis
  • • to give ideas and suggestions through best practice examples