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Controlling and optimization of live-marketing impact

FairControl is a global consulting and market research agency with offices in Munich, Geneva & Shanghai. We are specialized in success control and optimization of live-marketing. For more than 15 years, we research how live communication affects target groups and which measures can be used to optimize strategic impact.

Balanced Scorecard

Implement marketing strategy successfully: We develop tailor-made trade fair & event scorecards and help you maximize your strategic success.

Trade fair ROI

Measurable performance: We deliver holistic approaches to analyze success and impact of your trade show presence.

Lead Management

Exploit sales potential, manage opportunities: We implement, optimize and maintain lead generation programs.

Event Controlling

Understand your target group, demonstrate strategic impact: We develop client-individual research programs for your event campaigns.

PoS Research

Understanding customers and maximizing impact: We offer a variety of approaches to analyze your PoS success factors.

Customer & Brand Research

Decode target groups, control brands: We are specialists for ad-hoc research in the areas of Customer & Brand.

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